Foundation to success

Motivational Mondays: Entrepreneurs don’t become successful by sitting on the couch. Take control of your career. Image by Neue

You Are Not So Smart – Procrastination [VIDEO]

Keeping focused on day to day tasks can be difficult when a procrastination spell sets in; but do we really understand how “taking a break” will affect us in the long run? This video presents a set of ideas, by author David McRaney, on how humans often choose the things they “want” to do over

With the lovely fashionistas mexicanas last night...because I'm in touch with my Latina roots 😏 @cassandradelav 😉 #nyfw #fashionistas #bloggers #fab

Weekly Wrap Up

In honor of New York Fashion Week, check out our Weekly Wrap Up of behind the scenes photos

Disappointed by the Apple watch? Look closer

This past Tuesday, Apple revealed a new product category: the Apple Watch. The Cupertino-based tech company is rumored

NYFW: Carrie Hammer

Last Friday, Carrie Hammer showcased her “Role Models Not Runway Models” fashion show as part of NYFW. Take

Be ready for the future

Motivational Mondays: A lesson learned is an experience earned. Our pasts are paved with our experiences. They play

Behind the Pros: Uduak Oduok of Ebitu Law Group

This past Friday, Carrie Hammer kicked off her Fall Fashion Week Preview show, “Role Models Not Runway Models”