5 Free events in November

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially when that “stuff” could be potential business deals. Check out 5 free events to get to in November. 1. Why New York? It’s Where the Money Is! How big is your network? There are millions of millionaires in the US and many of them have a home in the Greater

Kill the Company to Save the Company [VIDEO]

Don’t put a “choke hold” on change and innovation within your company. Hear from futurist expert, Lisa Bodell on how the exercise of “Killing Your Company,” could actually progress it. You might be surprised with what you find. Video by: Big Think.

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Weekly Wrap Up

You know, you love it, it’s our weekly recap of NYC business events! Featured image by Eventsy: “After

Horrible bosses, Part 2

Happy Halloween! Check out part 2 of our Nightmare Bosses stories. These haunting head honchos will make you

Modernizing brand experience

The notion that sales and marketing are solely accountable for the consumer experience is just untrue. In today’s

44 Activities to enjoy your work [INFOGRAPHIC]

What if you could make every workday a more enjoyable experience? Try incorporating some of these activities that

5 Most common financial mistakes startups make

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re busy working everyday to find your way, build your product/services, grow your company

Nightmare bosses, Part 1

Have you ever had a employer that made you scared to go into the office? You’re not alone.

Be a good leader [VIDEO]

Are you a good leader? Want to be one? If you’re someone who is just starting to build a team, it would be wise to carve out how you plan to manage. Be proactive and assess your strengths and identify any weaknesses because management success is the sweetest victory. Video by: Gordon Tregold.