5 Tips to move from talk to action
10 Feb 2015

5 Tips to move from talk to action

Are you an ambitious person? While this is a great quality to have, sometimes the excitement and enthusiasm of a new opportunity can lead to over-committing your time and energy. Here are 5 ideas to keep you focused on delivering great work with a limited schedule.

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1. Don’t overcommit

It’s so easy to overcommit your time when you are excited about the multitude of opportunities, projects and causes out there. By focusing on projects that align with your goals and values, you’ll be able to do less but accomplish more.

2. Take extra time to make important decisions

Taking a day or a week to decide on whether or not to pursue a new opportunity is perfectly fine. You want to think through all of the actions that are required and evaluate whether or not you really have the capacity to handle it.

3. Envision all the steps in a project

It’s easy to get excited in the beginning before a project starts to believe that you can take on the world and do amazing things. That’s great, use that energy to produce great work. But also realize what you can actually accomplish given all of the other factors in your life in the current moment.

4. Under promise, over deliver

This is key. Setting expectations is vitally important up front. Whether it’s a client or a volunteer opportunity, always aim to over deliver and wow people.

5. Hold yourself and others accountable

If you say you’re going to do something, do it. It’s that simple. Your integrity is based on whether you deliver on what you’ve said you will in the timeline that you promised. Stick to that plan and ditch the excuses.

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