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Shelli Trung is listed as one of the top 100 angel investors to follow on Twitter. She is an advisor and angel investor to fintech, real estate tech and social impact startups.

Following early success as a young, real estate investor, Shelli founded a digital media publication in New York where she was offered investment capital directly by her favorite readers and customers, eventually receiving acquisition offers from her business partners.

Shelli is pitched by at least 10 startups a week – that’s over 500 a year, most of which end up in the trash bin. She is on a personal mission to help more Australian startups get funded, faster.

Shelli has invested in startups ranging from Founder House, a co-living spaces in New York that help new arrivals get rapidly connected to the tech community and Seeder, an online platform that finances solar retro-fits to the trillion dollar commercial real estate market in China.

Her startups and investments span 3 continents including China, USA and Australia including founders who initiated contact through cold emailed, via accelerator/incubator programs as well as introductions from her network.

Shelli has been featured in The Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, Business News Daily, The Age, The Australian, StartupSmart, Startup Daily and the Australian Property Investor Magazine.

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