04 Mar 2013

Happy Inspector goes digital with property inspections

Jindou Lee is no stranger to reviewing reports from real estate managers. As an active investor with properties in Australia, US and the UK, and a serial entrepreneur, he saw an opportunity to digitize the property inspection process. Together with Andrew Mackenzie-Ross, they launched Happy Inspector last year.

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“I noticed that my property managers were giving me inspection reports in hand-written illegible notes!” Lee recounts. “Something had to change.”

Happy Inspector, now downloadable from the Apple store, lets property managers save time and energy by streamlining the way they perform their inspections. It’s features that let you see vital information about each property at a glance, while tailor-fitting inspections according to each property through a customizable Inspector Generator.

Happy Inspector

“It’s taking a manual process that’s been done the same way since forever using pen and paper, and moving it onto mobile devices like the iPad tablet and smartphones,” says Lee.

It also makes recording assessments easier through simple tapping of buttons. Instead of having to mark everything on a piece of paper that may or may not make sense to the investor after the inspection, Happy Inspector practically organizes a system for you. The app comes complete with features like scheduling upcoming inspections, marking an inspection route through different properties, and can even remind you to beware of the dog on your next visit.

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“It now saves tons of time for property managers and landlords love receiving the inspection reports because they have visibility over what is happening to their investments,” adds Lee.