April Fools: President Obama takes offers on The White House
01 Apr 2013

April Fools: President Obama takes offers on The White House

Due to the soaring US national debt now at over $16.767 trillion, President Obama has decide to take drastic action by putting his residence, The White House on the market and quoting himself for the controversial move: “We are the change that we seek.”

The luxury property at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is currently accepting offers at a bargain price of $288M – almost $12M off its valuation of $294.9M by Zillow in January, 2013.

With its significant 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 16 bedrooms, 3 kitchens over 6 levels, it could easily fetch $1.75M per month in rent or converted to a hotel for investors interested in greater cashflow. Having housed 42 of the nations 44 Presidents, there are bound to be plenty of travelers willing to pay top dollar for the presidential experience.

“At that price, this once-in a lifetime opportunity (literally) won’t last long and we expect it to be a quick sale.” says The White House Realtor handling the transaction.

In fact, The Queen of England has expressed interest in acquiring the prestigious property to add to her portfolio. “I’ve always wanted to invest in real estate across the pond…” says Queen Elizabeth II “…well…across the North Atlantic Ocean to be precise.”

Happy April Fools day folks! 😉