Coffee Consultation & Coaching


Book a one hour phone call, online Skype session or in person coffee (locations dependent on travel) for personalised advice on your business and fundraising strategy.

These coaching sessions are typically scheduled within 7 days. Please provide a few availabilities and forward your deck in PDF with your order to


“Gave good insight and brought up a couple key points. Hard lined which is needed.” – Teds31, 5 months ago

“Thank you. Helpful info to make needed revisions.” – Sendsent, 6 months ago

“Shelli is awesome – highly knowledgeable, honest and genuine. Her feedback was worth every cent and much much more. We’re now super ready for our investor meetings. Thanks Shelli!!” – Konversed, 6 months ago

“Phenomenal and Outstandingly fast/honest service! Exactly what we needed. We were tired of everyone telling us how great we were and not areas where our ”baby was ugly”!!!! Finally someone who wasn’t afraid to kick our deck’s a$$ in order for us to improve, course correct and grow! Thank-you!!!!” – Minniecdriver, 10 months ago

“Awesome feedback from a real angel investor :)” – Reshmauk, 10 months ago

“Shelli is very helpful and passionate about what she does. She gave us very constructive and honest and constructive which definitely gets you thinking. She is a credit to fiverr and offers a really quality service. if you are start up looking for an outsiders perspective, then look no further.” – Seanraymond, 12 months ago