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Attend an online 3 hour webinar or workshop training session with real world examples, case studies and practical exercises to get you prepared for pitching investors.

About this class

Not sure why you’re not getting responses from investors? Wondering if your investor pitch is effective?

For most of us, thinking like an investor does not come naturally. There’s more to pitching an investor than being clear and concise. It requires that you “think” like an investor and understand how they assess “risk” and derive “value”.


Students will learn:

  • When should you raise funding and how an investor values your business.
  • Where to find the best investors for your startup and how to pitch them.
  • Avoid the major turn offs that land most pitch decks and cold emails in the trash bin.
  • How to follow up and keep in touch with your investor without being intrusive.

Prereqs & Preparation

This session is great for entrepreneurs and founders looking to raise their very first round of funding for their early stage startup company. No preparation is needed for this workshop.


Online webinar

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