18 Sep 2013

Retail real estate with iFunding

Real estate crowdfunding is a very hot topic right now.” said keynote speaker, Daryl Montgomery at the recent Crowdfunding East Conference in Boston. He is also the organizer of the 5000+ member New York Investing Meetup group and author of 4 investing books, including a new one on crowdfunding.

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With platforms like Realty Mogul and Collaperty growing in popularity, real estate investors and developers alike are now using this technology to access the funds they need to buy property.

Launched yesterday, iFunding focuses on the retail commercial investments that offer stable cash-flow generating opportunities with a single credit tenant. It’s also unique in that it does not touch a dollar of the investment capital raised through the website, thanks to their partnership with BancBox, an escrow service provider, where the investors control their own investment accounts.

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Founders William Skelley and Sohin Shah combined their expertise in crowdfunding and finance to build iFunding as a way for investors to capitalize on the benefits of real estate.

Prior to iFunding, William worked for other corporations such as General Electric, Olympus, Bain Capital and Rose Park Advisors and has been an advisor to several start-ups. He specializes in fundraising from accredited investors, family offices and is a frequent speaker at industry events discussing real estate finance.

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Co-founder Sohin is also the creator of Valuation App, a mobile app that allows finance professionals to analyze businesses and start-ups, making use of valuation techniques that are on par with what is used in the real world.

William explains, “Our goal is simple, to allow our investors to access prime real estate investments in an easier, more efficient and transparent manner through the use of superior technology.”

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iFunding also only lists high quality deals. Every deal is pre-vetted to examine the lease, title, finances, operations, and unforeseen risks and only the most secure deals offering a consistent cashflow for investors make it through the website’s thorough scrutiny protocols.

Without iFunding’s technology, the only alternatives are REITs or private equity investment funds. However, REITs are often unpredictable and don’t allow ownership of an asset, and private equity investments funds require a huge capital investment for an investor to be able to participate in an offering. With iFunding, an investor can individual investors can commit as little as $1,000 and make direct investments on real estate assets.

For those interested in investing with iFunding, you can sign up on their website. With an average return of 8-12%, individuals who use this website can expect to begin earning returns on a quarterly basis. In the future, iFunding plans to become the largest marketplace for real estate in the world.

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