Top 5 tips for successfully marketing your property
08 Apr 2014

Top 5 tips for successfully marketing your property

You could have the most luxurious, well-appointed and reasonably-priced property for sale in the area, but if your marketing strategy lacks punch, your property could remain on the market far longer than it needs to. People need to find your property in order to discover just how great it is, and that calls for a marketing plan that has a broad reach.

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Furthermore, your marketing plan must also inspire certain emotions from potential buyers. By implementing these 5 essential marketing steps, you will add a little extra value to your investment and have a better chance of a quick sale.

1. Create attractive and professional photos

Photos are the shop window into your property; if you can get them right, you can make the property inviting and attractive to potential buyers. Blurred, grainy and badly lit photos could deter people from even viewing your property, so it is vital to use images of a professional quality as part of your marketing campaign.

You should use high-quality photos with the following requirements:

  • Use only high resolution, optimized photos in your marketing campaigns.

  • Include only relevant objects wherever possible, and crop any that detract from the property’s aesthetic.

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  • Ensure your rooms are well lit.

  • Include a mix of general photos as well as some more detailed images of particularly appealing rooms and features.

2. Include an interesting and detailed description in listings

A great photo will attract people to your property, but fully engaging their interest requires the use of rich, descriptive and concise language. Highlight the particularly attractive or unique features, and refer to any practical functions that certain rooms and amenities can offer.

Your listing should be fully checked for spelling and grammatical mistakes, and it should be posted on as many real estate websites as possible.

This is a chance to create a mental picture with buyers by giving your property’s photos some context, so it is important that your listing description really captures the imagination.

3. Embrace the latest marketing opportunities

  • Create a virtual 360-degree tour, so people can walk through your property without ever leaving their computer. This can showcase it as a complete entity, and it could give your property an edge over others on the market.

  • Promote your property on discussion forums, blogs and specialist websites. Engaging directly with potential buyers could generate genuine interest.

  • Allow potential buyers the chance to print high-quality photos of your property; they may use them to ask for advice and opinions from friends and family members.

  • Include sharing options in your posts and online content, as this is a good way of getting buyers to help you in spreading the word.

  • Engage in local property discussions on social media platforms. Retweets, ‘follows’ and ‘likes’ can be a great way to garner genuine interest.

4. Adopt a ‘can do’ attitude with viewings

People are living increasingly hectic and irregular lives, so it is important to be accommodating when it comes to opening up your property for viewings.

Make yourself, a friend or family member available to receive viewings at all times – particularly during early evenings when many people have just finished work.

If you can keep your property prepared for viewings at all times, you will have the flexibility to accept appointments at short notice.

5. Hold open house events

Some buyers will be put off by supervision and interference when viewing a property, or they may just want the freedom to explore at their leisure. An open house event provides buyers with these opportunities, and having several prospective buyers in your property at once could secure a buyer far more quickly than by holding a series of individual, private viewings.

Vivienne has over 25 years experience in real estate.  She is currently is a relationship manager at, where she helps people liaise with and get the best out of their real estate agent every day.

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  • Thanks for sharing! I’d like to also add that photos of vacant properties are still vacant and staging is another key tool for investors to consider! I totally agree with Amy! With investment properties especially, the homes are generally empty (not occupied) and bringing in the appropriate items for scale, flow and purpose help buyers envision their lifestyle in that home. I’ve included a sample before and after of a property of an investor I work with on all their properties. Both staging and professional photography go hand in hand for marketing your homes effectively whether occupied or vacant, seller’s or buyer’s market. Staging work shown completed by and “after” pro Photo by @LanceUEP with

    • investorsbeat

      That’s great feedback. Perhaps you might be interested in sharing your expertise on this area with our readers? Find us at

    • Annette Smith

      What a HUGE difference staging and professional photography makes. I would look past the vacant photo, but the staged property makes me want to see more. No comparison!

  • Amy Bly

    Hi, Vivienne — I agree, but ONLY if the property is also properly presented and staged as well! Surprised that’s not on the list, actually. What’s the point of great photos and marketing and open houses if the house has too much furniture, clutter, looks shabby and out-dated?!

    • investorsbeat

      Great point there! Perhaps you’d be in writing something for us on how to declutter before a sale?

    • I totally agree Amy!